SCF Game 5: Are you ready for a 2nd one? Keep your eyes on the prize #StanleyCup

Here we go again. For the 2nd time in 3 years the LAKings are playing in June. For a chance to win the franchise’s 2nd cup, the Stanley Cup if you still don’t know (just for the so called Bandwagoners! HA). This is what all of us fans have waited for, sitting in agony through 3 rounds of Game 7’s. The pinnacle of it all with an OT goal to send the Blackhawks packing and making them feel what we all felt last year when they did the exact same thing to us! It would have been good if we closed them out in 5 games too, but nonetheless sweeter or LAKings hockey for that matter, if it wasn’t a nail biter! But would this be a letdown after Brownie said that the series with the Hawks was the most emotional series he has ever played and possibly the entire team has too? This team got this far and not about to have a let down to not win it all. Going through 3 Western powerhouses in the Sharks, Ducks and Blackhawks, this story is only bound to end in GLORY!

Going up 3-0 in the SCF after some “puck luck” and really not being on our A game the first 2 games. Finally playing a complete 60 min LAKings hockey on Game 3 and actually outplaying the Rangers Rags in Game 4 to not be able to seal the deal and win the cup on the road. While some of us were hoping for a sweep ( I wasn’t) but we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. If anything, the NY Rangers are entitled to at least 1 or 2 wins in this series so we all should not be surprised by this slight bump on the road to our 2nd cup. The Rangers are only playing for pride now and that killer instinct should “kick in” in this game if it weren’t already there in Game 4. The LAKings just need to continue what they have been doing the past 2 games and Lundqvist will have to stand on his head for the next 3 games and a whole lot of “puck luck” to take this away from the team and us fans.

But what’s to worry about? The Kings just want to win it again in front of all of us at the Stapler! So much has been talked about seizing the moment for these group of guys. How they have learned and matured from blowing it the first time around against the Devils to eventually win in 6 games. So I expect for this team to come out and glorify what this team showed us this playoff season. The resiliency, tenacity, resolve of   the best ever playoff run this city has seen from any of the major sports that the LAKings ride backseat to. I predicted this was going 5 or 6 games so best win it at home again if anything. I don’t think the team will fall on to the hype or nerves of closing it out at home. The LAKings should really feed off the energy that is abuzz the city and win it Friday night. After all, they have been through this before. It just gets a lot sweeter each time. 

Round 3: Game 7 Preview: #Believe some more …


I just love watching this video above when I am feeling lowly about our team … and now more than ever I need this. So for the 3rd time this post season, I am writing another article about a Game 7 for our LA Kings. This team just like to keep us on our toes or should I say on our wits end to keep things very difficult, jarring and gut wrenching for us fans to sit through. But Hey, Hey … Hey HEY HEY ( :-P), history is always re-written and this year is nothing different if we can pull off another feat. Another chink in that armor. A swagger that is undeniable. A win that will bring this team to playing 21 games already after cruising to our first cup 2 years ago in just 20 games just to reach the Stanley Cup Final. Nothing would be sweeter than a revenge win against a Hawks team that has been a worthy, yet annoyingly good opponent.  Can this team pull off another “impossible”? 

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Round 3: Game 3 Preview: Back at the Stapler, can we #BeatTheHawks?

Be very afraid Kid! Be very afraid of my eyebrows! #MuzzKill

Be very afraid Kid! Be very afraid of my eyebrows! #MuzzKill

After a shellacking by the LA Kings in the 3rd period to beat the Hawks and put a blemish in that perfect 6-0 home record at the United Center Madhouse this past Wednesday, the boys should expect a REALLY pissed off team that was embarassed on Game 2. Its still a debate for pundits as to what really happened that night … Did the Hawks let up and eased off their play? Or did the LA Kings just grabbed a Power Star (come on, who doesn’t like a Mario Bros. reference!), and blazed through that 3rd period for the drubbing! As fans, we know what this team is capable of and while the rest of the country are debating and are amazed by what just happened, we all just had a smirk on our faces and held our head up high to be proud as a LA Kings fan! But the reality is that its only 1 game and splitting in Chicago could be the best thing or the worst thing for the team in this series. I expect that this series is just going to get even tighter and that the team needs to be more aware and prepared moving forward if they want to beat the Blackhawks and win this series.
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#GoKingsGo #KeepItShiny


Game 7 Preview: I #Believe, Do you?

This year is the season of attrition and perseverance for our LAKings. A season mired with streaks of greatness and infuriating frustration by a team that is so good great, only each individual player knows how truly great it is. After all the ups and downs, the roller coaster of emotions and every cliché that you can think of that has happened and still happening to keep their playoff hopes alive, it all goes down to this one game … Again. Six times this team has been on the cusp of ending its season, but somehow they keep chipping away and finding a way to win with its true, tested, battle laden armor called LAKings hockey.

Another Game 7, second consecutive these playoffs for this Kings team. In what 20 years of waiting for the first ever Freeway Faceoff playoff edition will be decided by an individual, the team, a coach and its fans to have bragging rights of Southern California hockey supremacy. We all know the subplots, the hype (especially of a certain Ducks Sucks rookie), and all the intangibles this game brings with it but as a true LAKings fan, you must ask yourself before this game … Do you #Believe?





If you do, then do your part as a hardcore, bleeding purple, gold, silver, and black fan and keep on believing and dream on! Stay proud no matter what the outcome of this game is and keep your pride, passion and power as a fan because we know this team will never give up! And you better believe that Daryl will be wearing the winning suit, his own battle proven armor, the LEAF suit! #OneWinAtATime

#GOKINGSGO #InQuickWeTrust #BeatTheDucks # FearLA #PaintItBlack one more time!


Game 6 Preview: Will #LAKings live another day … #OneWinAtATime

Game 6 starts in 6 hours and here are 6 reasons to #Believe ….

1) The Kings are 4-0 in elimination games this postseason.

2) The team has yet to play a full 60 minutes in this series … We are OVERDUE!

3) #InQuickWeTrust and a big game goalie and he has not stolen a game in this series, although game 2 came very close to that.

4) Gibson is not the second coming of Jesus, just remember that he gave up his playoff cherry to Lewis … #BrickHands

5) Doughty will be the X factor in this game and take this one on his back cause all he does is #Winning

6) This is the battle for California supremacy! And no animal (Bye Sharks), other than the brown bear can call it its icon! So stick it to them and lets go to Game 7!

So make sure that no matter where you are, at home or at the game, far and wide in this world, be LOUD and #Believe in your team! #GoKingsGo  #BeatTheDucks

Remember to dream on … #WeAreAllKings